Sample Federal and DoD Agencies Where the Model Documents have been Instrumental in Winning:

• Defense Contract Management Agency
• Defense Logistics Agency
• State Department
• General Services Administration
• Department of Veterans Affairs
• National Academy of Sciences
• Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority
• Department of Education
• US Postal Service
• Federal Bureau of Investigation
• Health and Human Services
• U.S. Army
• National Imagery and Mapping Agency
• Multiple Commercial and State wins

Proposals—both large and small—benefit by following a proven process. Companies who survive by continuous proposal improvement process know this to be true; companies who do not write many proposals are often at a loss for direction on how to proceed.

Starting your response long before the proposal is due does not have to be a dream. And if you don't, it doesn't have to be a nightmare. Both Government and industry require professional, compliant proposals. A proposal must be a clear, well-structured document to enable the evaluator to find the answers he/she needs.

IDEAS has created an extensive, high-quality model document library that is a powerful proposal writing tool. Each document has been pink teamed, red teamed, evaluated by several source selection committees, gone through best and final and have won on more than one occasion. All model documents follow the Shipley Associates Methodology.